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Religious Programmes

The Ultimate Truth Preaching Mission, feels that the poor Chakma Tribal People are not yet familiar with the ultimate reality of nature ( SADHAMMA) and its happenings around them. Due to this ignorance they still practice in some irrational beliefs and faiths which are very old outdated concepts. Their habits & customs are not at all match with the ultimate reality preached by the Buddha and also does not match with the modern world. To bring them into light all these irrational beliefs & faiths needed to be eradicated from their mind. Therefore, the Mission believe that it is possible through religion, and the Mission is firmly determined to make them familiar with the ultimate reality-the ‘four noble truth’ taught by the Buddha 2600 years ago-The sufferings, arising of sufferings. Once they become familiar, they will immedicately change their mind and will try to root out the irrational beliefs & faiths from their mind and thereby start adaption of rational beliefs and thoughts and gradually they will be able to come out of these ignorance and be focus in the light of modern world to undertake activities of rational beliefs & faiths and soon shall be enable to develop themselves socially, economically and educationally. The Mission therefore undertake the following Religious Interventions :

1. Running of Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara

The Mission, since its establishment have been giving its full supports & services in running the Bouddha Vihara. An efficient monk is appointed as Viharadhyaksha ( Princilpal) to preach the four Noble Truth taught by the Buddha who along with his disciples who teach and propogate the poor tribal chakma Buddhist people to adopt rational beliefs & thoughts in them.

2. Perfoming of Buddha Puja

Buddha puja is performed in every fullmoon days in the Vihara where most of the chamkma Buddhist people participate andhave dhamma talks from the monks.

3. Perfoming of Khatin Cibor Dhana

The Buddhist Tribal people perform the Khatin Cibor Dhana Function (the hard way to give monks robes) once a year in the monk last week of October and upto 2nd week of November. In this function a large number of Buddhist Tribal Chakma people participate from the neighbouring Villages. They bring offer (Dhana) for the Bhikkhu Sanghas (Order of monks )according to their ability and earn countless merrits (Punya) by offerings and hearing Dhamma discourses preach by the monks. This function continues 3 to 4 days.

4. Gana Sramana Programmes ( Mass Ordination of Novice Monks

This programme is held once in three or four years. Gana sramana means mass ordination of novice monks. In this programme a large number of tribal Buddhist people from far and nearcom and take ordination for a period of 7 or 9 days. Buddhist scholars monks from India and abroad are invited in this programme who continuously preach the four Noble Truth and Noble eight fold path to the novice monks and lay devotees who very patiently and attentively listen discourses and earn knowledges of ultimate reality and adopt rational beliefs and thoughts which is very beneficial for their maternal spiritual development.