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Health Programmes

The objective of the health programmes of The Ultimate Truth Preaching Mission is to have better health and befit for working to earn livelihoods for him/her self and for their respective families. The major components of the health programmes are devided the two forms of services as stated below:

1. Awareness Generation Programmes

Awareness Generation on various health aspects with diseses, their symtoms and information of their preventive measure before they severly attack human life and cause huge medical expenses. The Mission therefore organises these AGPs on health aspects in the remote villages to educate the tribal people with major focus on the women folk.

The Mission organizes special awareness drives on health for the children to educate them, their mothers/parents/families to know about early action to stop spreading of such diseses and speedy recovery.

Some of those common diseses affecting people are malaria, diarrhea, gastric, anaemia, asthma and skin diseses. The medical team also suggested some preventive measures to be adopted. The health AGPs helps the people to know the symptoms of these diseses to enable them to take immediate medical attention for their family members and reduce the possibilities of larger health disorder and enable the patients to get speedy recovery over the disease.

2. Health Camps

Helath Camps for free health checkup for the poor patients resides to remote areas and unaware of the modern medical facilities and services. The other motto to organize these health camps is to convey the message of medical facilities and services available for the poor patients from various governments and these patients must avail such services for their better health and healthy family life.

Therefore, this year, the Mission has organized five such health camps in five remote villages of its operational areas and able to extend its medical services over two hundred eighty patients during the year as mentioned below:-

Sl. No Name of Villages Date of Camp Patients Attended
1 Tuichawng 04.07.2013. 60
2 Tuichawngchhuah 08.09.2013. 40
3 Bawrkawl 10.10.2013. 35
4 Siminasora 06.01.2013. 62
5 Matrisora 05.02.2013. 45