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Environment Programmes

The Mission organizes its environment development programmes with the objectives to have green surroundings and protect environment from its destroy. Since inception, the Mission is taking its regular initiatives for promotion and protection of environment as part of its social responsibilities.

The Mission therefore, has tried to organize its environment interventions in two basic programmes as below

1. Awareness Generation Programme on Environment

The Mission has organized environment awareness camps in six separate villages and ten schools to educate the common people and school going children for having minimum knowledge on environment. The ignorance of the people on environment has led them towards misusing the valuable nature’s gifts without knowing their values.

The Mission wants to educate people on environment and enable them to take necessary action to protect environment for having healthy lives. The Mission also has organized public meetings, cleanliness-drives and also discussed environment in some specialized meeting organized for these purposes.

2. Plantation of Evergreen Trees

The Mission has undertaken planting of evergreen trees in the villages of its operational areas for having a green Mizoram. It has planted more than 300 ( three hundred ) evergreen trees in the villages Tuichawng, Tuichawngchhuah, Bawrkawl, Siminasora and Matrisora during the last year. People cuts trees for their needs but never think to replace them by planting a new one. Therefore, to ensure availability of the evergreen trees to help the villages have better environment and better lives, the Mission has taken this initiatives.