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Education Programmes

The Ultimate Truth Preaching Mission feels that, spreading education is one of the most important activities under its developmental interventions. The education programmes play a greater role in human life and helps in creation of various development opportunities among the tribals and children.

Since the Mission is focusing towards working for the tribals and children in the rural areas for their upliftment. This education programmes of the Mission gets high priority for implementation then any other development programmes as it considers the involvements of the nation building process.

Therefore, the education programmes of the Mission is comprise of three types of activities

  • Running of the “ AHIMSA SCHOOL “.
  • Coaching for drop-outs in secondary level.
  • Coaching for poor & needy students in elementary level and providing of books & prizes to the meritorious students.

1. Ahimsa School

The Ahimsa School is run smoothly. The enrolment of the school has gone upto 70 in this academic year from classes K.G.-1 to class-iv. Four teachers and one peon-cum chowkidar have been providing voluntary services with a very small honourarium. The school building has been constructed with pucca structure with the donation received from Mr. Mahendra Sagar of India Charitable Foundation and Dr. Sachi G. Dastidar of Probini Foundation. Toilets for both boys & girls also constructed separately. A retaining wall spending more than Rs. 80,000/- has been constructed as foundation of the school.

2. Coaching for the drops-out

The objectives of the coaching for drop-out students by the Mission is mainly to spread the education among the poor, rural and tribal students have tried their best for acquiring education but due to some reasons unable to continue their studies in school and drop-out. The Mission considers this is a responsibility of their educated youths to help these drop-out students to continue their studies by overcoming their respective problems and get educated for their better future.

Since the Mission is engaged in various development programmes in the village areas, it also collects information about those students are not going their regular school for education. Later, the Mission discussed with both parents & students together and then brings them at coaching centre to help in reducing gap in their studies to enable them to go to schools.

This year, the Mission has enrolled 34 drop-out students in its three coaching centres from eight different villages and 40 students are successfully sent back in their schools for continue of their studies.

3. Coaching (General)

The objective of running the general coaching centre of the Mission is to help the needy poor, rural students in their studies. This programme is generally meant for extending required support services for spreading of education among the school going children/students.

This year, the Mission has successfully run five such free coaching centres to cover 51 students from class ii to class viii from six neighbouring villages of its operational areas. The Mission also organises programmes and activities both to help the needy poor students with books and prizes for continuation of their studies.

4. Legal Awareness

The Mission emphasis on generation of legal awareness among the common people, educate people for realizing the needs of right information to stop unwanted quarrels in the family, community and have life with dignity. This will not only stop getting exploited but also to stop exploit others. The impact of the programme was visualize to people one step ahead to know things first and start taking action to reduce normal quarrels/exploitation.