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Dear Sir, Madam, Friends Donors Sponsores and Well Wishers.

On the 3rd October 1999, a meeting was held at Shanti Niketan Bouddha vihara in Tuichawng (Mizoram), to discuss the various problems viz, social, cultural, economic problems of the CHAKMA COMMUNITY of Mizoram and other parts of India.

The meeting was attended by Buddhist Monks, Social Workers, Intellectuals and Students from the community from different part of mizoram. In order to tackle all the aforesaid problems of the community it was resolved unanimously in the meeting to form a social and religious organization under name of “ THE ULTIMATE TRUTH PREACHING MISSION”. The Organisation was duly formed and registered under society Registration ( Extension to Mizoram Act, 1976, ( Mizoram Act No. 3 of 1977 ) and the registration number is Rgn. No. SR/MZ-86 of 1999-2000.

The Aims and Objects for which the Society is established are as under:

  • To initiate Buddhism development works inclusive establishment of educational institutions, Buddha Vihars etc.
  • To run orphanage, old aged homes to support needy poor & aged persons.
  • To introduce technical education for creating more self-employment offortunities among poor, youths and adult persons for their economic upliftment./li>
  • To organize awareness on health & sanitation for better health of poor people.
  • Women Empowerment Programmes
  • To organize awareness on environment through raising nursery, plantation and aforestation for conservation of soil & moistures.
  • To promote agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, pisciculture and animal resource development activities for sustainable development of poor people.
  • To organize technical education through skill up-gradation trainings mainly on handloom and handicrafts as traditional village industries for better livelihoods.
  • To organize training for self-help-groups members for promotion, development & stabilization including identification,selection & adoption of income generation.
  • To organize meeting convention,conference, awareness campaign etc. to keep peace, mutual love, harmony and national integration both separately and together with all these activities.
  • To publish books, journals, posters, magazines, news papers for betterment and welfare of the people/society.
  • To carry out research studies, surveys, evaluation etc. on the use of latest technologies for the promotion & development of the various rural development activities.
  • To collaborate with various sponsoring agencies for implementation of their development programmes for the betterment of the poor people.
  • To acquire by purchase or by lease or by otherwise, land and building and other properties movable or immovable for the society from time to time may think fit.
  • To co-operate and co-ordinate with Gov’t and Non-Gov’t. institutions for implementation of various rural development projects/programmes/schemes.
  • To produce documentary and films on development of the people to motivate more peple for their active participation in the process of sustainable development.
  • To do all other such things as the society may consider necessary, incidental or conducive towards attainment of the above objectives.


  • Life Membership
  • Ordinary Membership
  • Honorary Membership


  • One can obtain life membership by applying to the president with a sum of Rs. 1000/- ( one thousand ) in person on in other form.
  • One can obtain ordinary membership by applying to the authority with a subscription of Rs. 20/- ( twenty rupees ).
  • Honorary membership is conferred by the Executive Committee to the distinguished persons who had excelled in various field.


  1. Buddhist Mission School : A Buddhist Mission School named as “AHIMSA ENGLISH SCHOOL” was established on the 4th April 2000 at Tuichawng, Mizoram.
  2. A Project of Handicraft and Chakma Tribal Textile was sponsored by “ THE DEVELOPMENT COMMISSIONER HANDICRAFT, GOV’T OF INDIA, NEW DELHI. The duration of the project is for 5 years and amounting to Rs. 1 crores.
  3. a) Biju Celebration.
    “BIJU” is one of the most important cultural festivals of the chakma community. Every year BIJU was celebrated with a great pomp and show. Many traditional programmes such as Biju Dance and Songs, Playing of Hengorong, Bajee, Dhuduk, Shingya and Thak were shown. Besides many traditional games such as Gudu hara, Pore hara, Andhik Hara and the very popular game Gilye hara were played.

  4. b) Contribution for the Bereaved family.
    Whenever a person dies in a family then each and every family in the locality contribute the followings to the bereaved family.
    • A sum of Rs. 5/- ( five rupees ) only.
    • 1 kg of rice. Per family.
    • One piece of firewood.
    c) Arrangement of Condolence meeting for the Bereaved family.
    A condolence meeting is compulsorily conducted by the TUTPM members at the residence of the Bereaved family. Besides, a programme called “BUDDHA KIRTAN” is arranged at night to console the members of the Bereaved family.

    Finaly, We would say that the aim and objectives of the Mission is not possible to make it success without your HELP and CO-OPERATION. Therefore, With folded hand, we request you to come forward and extend your helping hand for the well being of the whole Chakma Community in Mizoram.



Article 2



To eradicate illiteracy and poverty among the Chakma community in mizoram we have established a NGO name as “ THE ULTIMATE TRUTH PREACHING MISSION and by which we have established AHIMSA ENGLISH SCHOOL is a school for underprivileged indigenous minority chakma children at Tuichawng village under Lunglei District,Mizoram, India, Established in 2000, and run by the “THE ULTIMATE TRUTH PREACHING MISSION” AHIMSA ENGLISH SCHOOL started with just 7 children in a small room with a pair of desks and benches by “THE ULTIMATE TRUTH PREACHING MISSION” as mission felt the essential need for education among children of their community,who were mostly engaged by their parents in labor from a very young age due to financial problems. AHIMSA English SCHOOL has now grown to a school of over 91 students. It is a non profitable school providing free education. Children are encouraged to develop the positive qualities of loving kindness,compassion and universal responsibility. AHIMSA means ‘Nonviolence’ and extend of universal love and compassion. AHIMSA is a school for children of families with low income,living in TUICHAWNG and the school covers 11 minority chakma tribal villages namely Tuichawng-I, Tuichawng-II, Sibinasora, Borkol, Tuichawngchhuah, Diblibagh, Matrisora, Samuksury, Ugudasury,Tuikawi and Kauchhuah. The main Founder,Rajesh Kumar Chakma is a teacher and President of www.tutpm.org firmly believes that education is the birth right of every child and no child –rich or poor should not be left behind.


The Ahimsa School was the only English Medium School in the locality. And it became very familiar in the locality. Most of the parents wanted to admit their children into the School. Admission was opened for all from the year 2011. The needy and helpless children are getting free education through this school. The enrolment soon increased upto 45. And more teachers had to be engaged. On the repeated request of the parents, the school had to be upgraded year by year. The enrolment had gone upto 60 at the beginning of 2005 school session.

School Building

A better and comportable school building was constructed in the year 2005 with sawn-timber structure with help of the parents and the local people. Enough furniture also was arranged.


Although the staffs of the school took minimum honorarium, the expenditure of the school also became high and the School Authority started to face financial crisis as the parents and the local people could not contribute enough fund due to their poorness. But, the school was anyhow managed by the tireless endeavour of the Mission and the well-wishers. In the year 2009, there was a strong cyclone in the locality and the school was destroyed fully. Since then, it was run in a rented room upto 2012. There was a incessant heavy rain fall in 2013 and the school compound has been damaged partly due to landslip. A retaining wall had to be constructed to save the compound from further landslip by spending Rs. 84,540/-(Rupees Eighty four thousand five hundred forty) only although the Mission has been facing financial crisis since long.

Funding Agencies

The Mission was very fortunate to has come into contact with some well-wishers like Mr. Sachi.G.Dastidar of Probini Foundation, New York, U.S.A. and Mr. Mahendra Sagar, President of India Charitable Foundation, Massachusets U.S.A. in 2012 who donated fund for construction of School Building. With their blessings, the school has been re-built in concrete structure with toilet facilities for both boys and girls separately. Mr. Schi.G.Dastidar has been funding the school till now. The Mission is also very fortunate that one Well-wisher namely Mr. Arun Kanti Banerjeen of U.S.A. has been donating monthly since April 2014 and he will continue donating till his life time.

Teaching Staff

4 (four) teachers including the Headmaster and 1 (one) helper-cum-peon had to be engaged to teach the increased enrolment.

Present Enrollment

The School has been upgraded upto Class-IV standard and its present enrollment is as bellow:

Classes Boys Girls Total
I 12 11 23
II 18 15 33
III 11 08 19
IV 09 07 16
Total 50 41 91

Inauguration of School Building

The New School Building has been inaugurated on 22/08/2014 by Mr. K.Hrahia, Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Lungsen, District Lunglei, Mizoram, India. The School has been running smoothly upto the satisfaction of the local people.

Our Needs

  • School Materials
  • Monthly sponsor for our needy children
  • One Time Donation
  • Laptop/computer
  • Honorarium for teachers


The Mission has a plan to upgrade the School upto Elementary and Secondary Level with Hostel facilities. But, the local people are very poor and they can not contribute enough fund for the further development of the School. It will remain as a dream unless well-wisher come forward to extend their helping hands.

Sudip Chakma The Ultimate Truth Preaching Mission & Founder of Ahimsa English School,Tuichawng. Website: www.tutpm.org