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Bio-graphy of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chakma.

Rajesh Kumar Chakma was born on 01/01/1960 at Matrisora Village. His family name was Lal Kumar Chakma. Now he is popularly known by his good name Rajesh Kumar Chakma. His parent migrated to Tuichawng Village in 1968 by gov’t order during the insurgency of Mizoram.

He passed High School Leaving Certificate Examination in 1978 He was the first H.S.L.C. passed boy in the Village. He joined Lunglei Gov’t College in August 1978 in 1styear PUc. But he had to stop further studies from june 1979 due to financial drawback of his parent.

Being back home, he choose to entrust himself in social work. He formed YOUNG CHAKMA ASSOCIATION, Branch at Tuichawng in 1979 and became the secretary of YCA branch. As a secretary, he undertook various welfare activities in the village. He proposed to established a Middle School in the Village. But, got no support from the then village leaders. In 1980, he joined in Diblibagh Private Middle School as Headmaster. He run the School at best he could. He obtained school opening permission and board recognition in the same year. He also formed Zonal Committee, YOUNG CHAKMA ASSOCIATION, at Diblibagh in 1981 and became the first YCA Zonal President. As a President, he worked hard to unite the local chakma people and under taken various developmental activities of the village.

In 1982, he got a job as typist-cum-LDC under Mizoram Gov’t in co-operative department. But, with the request of the village leaders of Diblibagh he didn’t join the job. In june, 1982, his father fallen seriously ill and became physically unsound, he had to come back home at Tuichawng to run his father’s business.

In 1983, in the month of September, he got appointment for the post of Primary Teacher at his native Village Tuichawng and the post of Circle Education Officer at Kamalanagar under Chakma Autonomous District Council at the same time. He preferred to join the post of Primary Teacher at Tuichawng, thinking that it was his responsible to work further for the welfare of his native village since there were no any educated persons in the village.

He joined the post of Primary teacher at Tuichawng gov’t Primary School w.e.f. 27th September 1983. Since then, he worked very hard for the upliftment of the people Tuichawng and neighbouring villages.

In 1989, he formed YOUNG CHAKMA ASSOCIATIONS’ ZONAL COMMITTEE at Tuichawng and became the first Zonal President. As a YCA President he worked hard for social reforms and development of the chakma people. In 1993, he became the secretary of Vihara Management Committee, Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara, Tuichawng. In 1994, he represented the annual conference of MIZORAM BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION. He was elected as the Vice President of Mizoram Buddhist Association in the conference. As a Vice President of MBA, he worked for the improvement of Chakma Buddhist Society. In 1995, he became the chairman of Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara, Management Committee. He undertook the renovation work of Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara, while working as a Chairman. He felt it necessary to form an ASSOCIATION/SOCIETY and got it registered under Firms & Societies Act 1971 under Mizoram Government to unite the chakma people with common goal and work for the welfare of chakma community in Mizoram. Hence, THE ULTIMATE TRUTH PREACHING MISSION, was formd in 1996 and got registered in 2000 with the AIMS & OBJECTIVES mentioned below:

The Aims and Objects for which the Society is established are as under:

  • To initiate Buddhism development works inclusive establishment of educational institutions, Buddha Vihars etc.
  • To run orphanage, old aged homes to support needy poor & aged persons.
  • To introduce technical education for creating more self-employment offortunities among poor, youths and adult persons for their economic upliftment.
  • To organize awareness on health & sanitation for better health of poor people.
  • To organize awareness on environment through raising nursery, plantation and aforestation for conservation of soil & moistures.
  • To promote agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, pisciculture and animal resource development activities for sustainable development of poor people.
  • To organize technical education through skill up-gradation trainings mainly on handloom and handicrafts as traditional village industries for better livelihoods.
  • To organize training for self-help-groups members for promotion, development & stabilization including identification,selection & adoption of income generation.
  • To organize meeting convention,conference, awareness campaign etc. to keep peace, mutual love, harmony and national integration both separately and together with all these activities.
  • To publish books, journals, posters, magazines, news papers for betterment and welfare of the people/society.
  • To carry out research studies, surveys, evaluation etc. on the use of latest technologies for the promotion & development of the various rural development activities.
  • To collaborate with various sponsoring agencies for implementation of their development programmes for the betterment of the poor people.
  • To acquire by purchase or by lease or by otherwise, land and building and other properties movable or immovable for the society from time to time may think fit.
  • To co-operate and co-ordinate with Gov’t and Non-Gov’t. institutions for implementation of various rural development projects/programmes/schemes.
  • To produce documentary and films on development of the people to motivate more peple for their active participation in the process of sustainable development.
  • To do all other such things as the society may consider necessary, incidental or conducive towards attainment of the above objectives.

He also established a Middle School at Tuichawng with the help of the village leaders and the then Administrative Officer of the village Mr. K.Bialua. The School was taken up by the Gov’t in 1994.